Traveling Abroad with a Mood Disorder: Mental Health Reminders

In my last post “Traveling Abroad with a Mood Disorder: The Best Second Beginning” I talked about how through all the setbacks and negativities that making it to the wildlife reserve in Sydney was the perfect remedy and helped to erase the negativity of the setbacks. From this point on the rest of the trip was perfect, not necessarily because it was truly perfect but because I was in a positive mindset that allowed me to do enjoy all of what I was doing.

Sydney Bridge

One of the other benefits of this positive mindset was the relationships that I was able to make and strengthen during this trip. I was able to have open and honest conversations with many people not only about the adventures we were experiences but about previous personal experiences. The two that stuck out the most were conversations I had with others about our mental health matters.

Both conversations were with classmates who after learning that I was blogging about my diagnosis of Bipolar II spoke with me about their personal mental health matters. These were some of the first conversations I had with anyone about my mental health since I began my blog. These conversations flowed and I genuinely connected with my classmates over our respective struggles with these mental health matters.

On this trip, I was reminded that my diagnosis does not define me and that even though I am living with my diagnosis that it doesn’t have to control my life or even be. I was also reminded that everyone is fighting their own battle no matter what they show externally. I knew both of these things before this trip but it was a great reminder of both!

Through the ups and downs of my first international trip I can confidently say that there isn’t a single thing that I would change about the trip. The devastating delay allowed me to practice my go with the flow mentality and work to not allow myself to be pulled into the negativity surrounding me. My first international flight helped prove to me that with the right mindfulness techniques that I could make it through anything. My first day in Sydney taught me that no matter what has happened leading up until this moment or any moment, you have a choice to stay positive and not let the past effect the present.

This was a trip of a lifetime and I am thankful for every experience! Thank you for staying turned for my “Traveling Abroad with a Mood Disorder” series, I hope that you enjoyed it as much as I did. Until next time, look back on a trip that changed your life and remember the things that you learned while traveling.

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